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Have a classic with the original paint? Let our experts take care of it and help make that original

last a lifetime.

Tired of that old faded paint? Let us recondition it without having to spend thousands on repainting.

We offer services like, wash, wax, clay bar, buff, polish, wet sand and much more.

Yes, we also do full interior detailing as well. Clean and recondition leather, vinal, carpet, plastic.

Have hard to remove stains? We can help.

Restore the shine on any vehicle with our wide range of services and products.

Have a red vehicle that is starting to show its age? Red is one of the hardest colors to maintain in this

Arizona sun. With our detailing experts we know exactly what to do to bring that rich red back.

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Superior Racing Development (SRD)
8708 w. Thunderbird Rd.
Ste. 5
Peoria, AZ 85381
United States
Ph: 480-317-0090
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